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Financial Solutions is your local source for comprehensive final expense insurance plans that offer first-rate coverage for funeral costs, medical bills, and many other end-of-life expenses. Since 1996, our insurance company has provided residents with coverage they can count on, at rates they can afford.

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Final Expense Insurance Plans

It’s an unfortunate reality in our state that the cost of dying is more than the average person can afford. Many families are caught unaware, and when a loved one passes, are shouldered with a weighty financial burden. Even just a standard funeral in Texas can run a bill upwards of $5,000—something that no grieving family member wants to hear. The problem with traditional forms of life insurance is that these plans can take weeks to payout. They don’t provide the immediate financial relief needed after a death in the family.

Financial Solutions exists to offer a better way forward. Our insurance agents have compiled a range of value-driven policies specially designed to supply the here-and-now coverage you need to pay for your loved ones’ funeral and burial worry-free. Our final expense plans cover all major fees associated with an untimely death, typically within 1-2 days.

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At Financial Solutions, we refuse to offer our clients cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we set aside the time necessary to meet with our clients and find a tailor-made fit for their unique needs.

To accomplish this, we emphasize our initial consultations. This appointment is so important for us to familiarize ourselves with your financial situation and future concerns and, ultimately, pinpoint an insurance plan that will accommodate the former and alleviate the latter.

Sit down with a broker obligation-free. There’s no commitment you need to make to explore your options with us. At our agency, we don’t have to push our policies—their value speaks for itself. Allow us to show you our impressive array of final expense insurance plans. Step by step, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to secure a stress-free future for your family.

Affordable Burial Insurance

One tremendous upside to burial insurance is that qualifying is easy and rates are low compared to other types of plans. Our clients come to us because they know that we hold a reputation for balancing budget and benefits. Our agents have gone to great lengths to curate a product selection brimming with value. We’ve done the legwork for you, and we’re prepared to show you the fruits of our labor with a personalized estimate, no strings attached.

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Give your family and friends the monetary security they need to grieve your passing in peace. Our final expense policies are a low-cost way to ensure your end-of-life expenses don’t cause undue stress and strain on those you love most.

When Financial Solutions is by your side, so is experience and expertise. Book a consultation with our insurance agency today.

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